Cruelty free materials and eco-sustainable innovation

Yatay is a young brand that is part of the ‘Together for Tomorrow’ project of the Milan Digital Fashion Week, promoted by Camera Moda from the 14th to the 17th of July. We have already talked about the brand on italianshoes, but it is increasingly catching the attention of consumers given its concerted effort to be sensitive to the environment.

Born in 2018 from an idea of Umberto De Marco, this footwear project combines the sustainability of materials with the ‘Made in Italy’ ethos.

“A different sneaker – explains the founder – that does not accept compromises in terms of quality. In our future, there will not only be this type of footwear – we also intend to include a line of accessories that maintains the same philosophy, that is, cruelty free materials that are eco-sustainable and created with ‘Made in Italy’ innovation. This is why I am against fast fashion, which often uses polluting processes and materials.”

Slow fashion, thus, becomes the motto of the brand, which wants to create more lasting products that are less improvised and are less subject to changes in fashion.