Digital passports and supply chain transparency in the new D.A.T.E. project

It is no longer enough to think of green products, we have to convince consumers and give them full access to information regarding product provenance and supply chain transparency. D.A.T.E, an Italian brand established in 2005, reaffirms its commitment to sustainability and traceability with the Workshop project. It is a limited-edition capsule collection of sneakers that rethinks the Court model from a green perspective, starting this autumn season. But there’s more: the authenticity of the product is certified by an NFT associated with each pair, which can be downloaded free of charge from the OpenSea marketplace. By holding your smartphone next to the tongue of the sneaker, you can access its digital passport, thanks to technology developed by the Florentine company THE-FFW, engaged in the fashion e-commerce sector, which combines the functionality of NFC with blockchain transparency. In line with the philosophy of the collection, packaging is also made of recycled paper. “Recycling, using waste or environmentally friendly materials, using renewable sources, and adopting solutions to improve products are just some of the paths taken to create a gradually more virtuous and increasingly necessary process, summed up in Love The Planet, which represents a summa of our values of innovation and tradition,” explains Francesco Bozzi, Brand Manager of D.A.T.E.