Innovative products also designed for the female foot

Work safety starts from the feet and footwear is a fundamental accessory. For this reason, Diadora, in the Research Centre of Caerano San Marco, studies and develops targeted and high-performing safety products. Like the work shoe ‘Shark Stable Impact System’, which belongs to the Diadora Utility line, designed to guarantee maximum stability in any situation. In fact, it is equipped with a special cushioning technology that reduces the stresses felt by the body when making contact with surfaces, while maintaining a balanced energy. The particular geometries in the design of the independent block sole, in fact, allow the shoe to adapt to the ground and the characteristics of the wearer, thus offering constant cushioning and stability for every strength and weight. In addition, the central opening in the heel area and the presence of side holes allow the sole to deform both longitudinally and transversely, independently, and uniformly in every part of the shoe. The upper is in breathable polyester, with digital camouflage printing and is covered internally by Air Mesh lining, with an aluminium tip and anti-perforation insert in fabric. It is available in the S1P and S3 versions, mid and low, in several varieties of colours. A curiosity: this line of footwear takes inspiration from the physical characteristic of the shark that manages to make spectacular jumps while always mitigating the fall, with perfect balance.

Diadora Shark Stable Impact System

Diadora also thinks about women, by designing a shoe that starts from the study of the ergonomics of the female foot, taking into account the needs of comfort, fitting, and lightness of the workers. The ‘Athena’ model made its debut on the feet of the professionals who worked on the production of the 1st of May concert in Rome. These women have also been the stars of a series of visible short videos on the social media channels of the brand and the May 1st event, in which they share stories about their work its efforts and obstacles, but also of their dreams, pride, and passions.

Diadora Utility Athena