All the CO2 produced is offset by planting trees, and old shoes become playground surfacing

Womsh, the brainchild of Gianni Dalla Mora — who was pretty much born in the footwear industry, with both parents in the world of footwear retail —is a company set up in 2011 that has made its name especially in the last two years with its 100% Italian-made sneakers and in particular thanks to the zero-environmental impact of its entire production chain.

Made in the renowned Riviera del Brenta area in partnership with certified companies that really care about the working conditions of their employees, Womsh are manufactured by optimising resources and cutting down on waste. What is more, the entire amount of CO2 emitted into the atmosphere is offset thanks to the planting and protection of forests both in Italy and around the world, and this applies not only to production: emissions resulting from all other business activities, including events and services, are also calculated and offset.


But it doesn’t end there. Once you have bought your shoes and sported them for as long as you like, rather than throwing them away when they are worn, just take them to one of the brand’s points of sale and put them in the special bins. You will even receive a gift voucher towards your next pair.

Instead of becoming rubbish, your old shoes will embark on their journey towards taking on a new form and enjoying a new “life”: they will be turned into fall-protection surfaces for children’s playgrounds (in cooperation with the project I Giardini di Betty – “Betty’s Parks”, in English.

Just one very last remark to make: Womsh is the acronym for World Of Mouth Shoes. The company’s only real advertising is by word of mouth, which is yet another activity with zero environmental impact!