Brown and red dominate, but make way for lilac, yellow and metals too

[On the cover:  FW 2021/22 Hermès and Versace fashion shows]

It had been forgotten for several seasons, but brown has come back in strong in this winter’s colour range, so much so that it is considered the “new black”. So, make way for brown, from head to toe, in shades of dark chocolate or a lighter, hazelnutty tone. And not just for everyday outfits, as seen on the catwalks. It is the colour that symbolises the earth and, therefore, rootedness, putting down roots, the desire for stability, and to be in harmony with your body. Values that the pandemic has made us rediscover.

And then there is red, in a bright fiery version or in a softer, calmer shade, but always present in most clothing and footwear collections. Not just for the holiday season anymore, but a colour to wear all year round, 24 hours a day, even just as a pop of colour to reinvigorate a look. And a red shoe is perfect to light up a garment.

Alongside these two shades, which stand out from the others, there are also vibrant colours, a legacy from last summer synonymous with restarting with optimism after the first months of the year which were spent in uncertainty. Here, we have grass green, lilac, yellow and metals. In fact, the platinum, gold, and silver that envelope shoes in metallic flashes deserve attention – not only for evening shoes, but everyday models too, from moccasins to sneakers, to play down even formal looks.