Footwear that is totally white or white with a subtle colour detail no matter if you choose pumps, mules, moccasins or sneakers

[On cover: Loriblu SS2020]

In colour symbolism, white is the only tone that comprises all the colours in the light spectrum (see the article “The colours of the rainbow“). White symbolises the start of life, hope for the future and the desire for change.

The perfect spokescolour, therefore, for our rebirth following our isolation from the real world and refuge in the virtual world. It’s no coincidence that Vogue Italia, for the first time in the history of its publication and in history full stop, devoted the cover of its April edition to white, with no images or headlines, implying a new phase is beginning for us all, a phase for rethinking and rewriting everything from scratch. White represents light, purity, mental clarity and the desire for simplicity.

Whether subconsciously or due to fashion’s ability to anticipate even the slightest changes to society, white has an almost obsessive presence in collections this spring/summer. And footwear follows suit.

Once you get over the concern that heeled white shoes are a bit too much of a “fuss”, it’s time to give in to a pair of totally white shoes without worrying about the heel height, either medium and solid or tall and slim. And if total white is a bit too much, there are many models with a colour detail, even if just a contrasting logo. There’s no lack of choice available among pumps, sandals, sliders, moccasins and, of course, sneakers in both chunky and box sole versions.