Lamûre is a new brand that uses passementerie and furniture fabrics

“Shoes are structures in terms of their shape and the elegance of the materials”, explained Beatrice Scheleret, CEO and Creative Director of the brand Lamûre. A statement that sums up the essence of her shoes, namely perfect construction and exclusive materials. And the models speak for themselves, crafted from the passementerie, silk, jacquard and linens that were used for furnishing by the historic family business (Arte Arredo Schleret, in the province of Como), which operated for over 30 years in the classic furniture sector, beloved by royals in the Middle East. The Eleonora model thus came about: a pump made of fine fabric and whose motifs, found on the ceremony dress of Japanese nobles, evokes the elegant geometric patterns of carp scales. Elisa, meanwhile, is a sling-back enhanced with a pompom inspired by the pistils of cherry blossom swaying in the wind. There’s no lack of floral patterns in the brocades, embellished with golden leaf, harking back to the famous techniques of kintsugi or kintsukuroi. Peach coloured brocades evoke not only the delicate colours of kimonos, but also the unforgettable sunrises over Mount Fuji.

The allure of the East is reinterpreted in a contemporary fashion, including in the construction of the product, which is strictly made in Italy (or rather, made in Vigevano), using the know-how and expertise of a district boasting a long footwear manufacturing tradition.

The first collection, launched in late January 2020, is completed by a ballerina, a model with a 50mm heel and some pieces for brides. “At the moment, the project doesn’t have seasons”, explained the designer, “but rather carry-over models.

I’m also mindful about sustainability, using organic cotton bags and packaging in recyclable materials.

My dream is to make shoes that combine comfort and femininity, marrying French elegance and design”. Which is exactly what she has achieved.