With the Nylong project, shoes are water-resistant and uppers are made from regenerated nylon

The brand’s intentions were clear since its debut in 2018, indeed its mission statement contained in the slogan: ‘WAO the Eco Effect shoes’ (we liked the project immediately and we wrote about it).

‘Made in Italy’ shoes, made with sustainable materials and natural dyes, which can be disposed of easily. The twelve parts that make up the shoe come from the earth and return to the earth once they have been used. In fact, at the end of their life, the sneakers can be collected at no additional cost. The 80% biodegradable ‘Go!Zero’ rubber sole is separated from the upper and placed in a special composter to begin the degradation process. The organic parts of the upper, on the other hand, such as cotton, cork and coconut fibre, are disposed of through vermiculture.

The continuous search for eco-sustainable materials has prompted the brand to develop a new project, WAO Nylong, launched at the end of last year through a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter. The result is a water-resistant shoe with an upper made from Econyl® regenerated nylon, coming from waste such as fishing nets, fabric scraps and industrial plastic. It has the exact same characteristics as that from virgin sources, but it reduces its potential impact on global warming by 80%.

But the brand’s commitment goes beyond its choice of materials and translates into support for non-profit associations committed to protecting the planet. For this specific project, given that clearing the oceans of abandoned fishing nets is one of Sea Shepherd’s main objectives, 4% (including VAT) of each booking on Kickstarter is donated to the non-profit organisation.