Pantone has released the color of the year that represents the courage of creativity

[On the cover: Pantone 17-3938 and Sebastian’s shoes]

A shade of periwinkle blue with a purple-red undertone, is the color singled out by the Pantone Color Institute for 2022 and which will surely tinge accessories, clothing, and design. Not two colors like for 2021 (they were yellow and gray, symbols of stability and hope for the post-pandemic period), but a new tone, Very Peri, or Pantone 17-3938, which seeks to synthesize the spirit of the times, the courage of creativity, the desire to dare, and personal inventiveness. As explained by the Institute’s own experts: “The choice of the Pantone Color of the Year is the result of careful evaluation and analyzes of trends. In fact, to make this selection, every year the experts of the Pantone Color Institute scour every corner of the earth in search of new influences in terms of color. We are talking about influences that can come from the most varied fields, such as the world of entertainment and film production, itinerant art collections and new artists, fashion, all spheres of design, the most popular tourist destinations, as well as new ones, lifestyles, games, and socio-economic conditions”. Of course, influences can also derive from new technologies, materials, textures, and effects that have an impact on color, from the most important social media platforms and even from international sporting events. Thus, we came to the formulation for 2022, which starts from a reassuring blue and then evolves into a periwinkle shade, not strictly purple, nor lilac, but a blue infused with red-violet.