Bikes, motorbikes and push scooters require high performance materials and soles

[On the cover: Limited edition Wheelie di Garmont]

New urban mobility is not all about electric or hybrid cars. Proof of this can be seen in the two-wheel boom, starting from the bike, which has undergone a veritable rebirth, even embracing the concept of bike sharing. But things are also moving for motorbikes, scooters and, last but not least, traditional and electric push scooters too, in the world of micro mobility. For such means of conveyance, used in addition to walking, footwear becomes an invaluable ally. Versatile, lightweight and comfortable, also thanks to high performance soles. This is the case for the limited edition Wheelie by Garmont, made in Italy, with only 122 pairs available.



With an impressive following in the motor sports segment, the youtuber and influencer Andrea Pirillo is a star endorser of this footwear. Thanks to its grooved tread, the Michelin sole guarantees excellent adherence, stability and traction on any surface and at any temperature, even in icy conditions. The upper is made of water-repellent, anti-abrasion mesh and features a TPU-reinforced toe-cap, ideal when changing gears on a motorbike. Reflective inserts on the heel ensure high visibility even in the darkest of hours, whereas the Eva midsole provides extra stability and shock absorption.

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