The sneaker is a passe-par-tout shoe for men, ideal for the outdoors and the city

Total white (or black) or colour combinations, vintage style, or an avant-garde look: extremes that find a balance in men’s proposals for autumn/winter 22-23, where the boundaries between past and future, and between tradition and avant-garde blur. The sneaker is a chameleonic passe-par-tout model, able to adapt to sportswear as well as casual chic looks, for the outdoors but also for the city. These are all good reasons to make it a must-have item for the male wardrobe. The designers’ catwalks demonstrated this, and so did the collections of accessory-specialised brands; the choice of shops offering gymnastics shoes in a thousand variations confirms it. The positive reception of the sneaker is also underpinned by R&D, increasingly oriented towards green and circular strategies. Many brands share this philosophy and rely on bio-based and recycled materials for the upper and the sole. The sneaker becomes the subject of experimentation to rethink the production processes of all sports shoes. All this happens without disregarding the fashion elements that remain the soul of the sneaker: in the colours, in the material combination, in the details, in the soles -where boxy soles are placed side by side with chunky ones- for those who love cleaner models or for those who love the grittier ones.