Symbols and writings set the tone for the new ‘Made in Veneto’ brand

The porcupine as a symbol of the product, the choice of the font for the logo, the writing on the upper: everything has a reason in the narration of the story of Trypee, the product of a start-up created in 2021 on the Brenta Riviera by three partners with interests across different sectors, from fashion to art. Let’s start with the name. “The Trypee logo, the name of the porcupine we have chosen as a symbol” – explains designer Giulia Antonucci with a long experience in the Philippe Model Paris creative team – “was written in the font of an old typewriter. The porcupine is a peaceful animal, which uses its spikes only in case of danger: it symbolises strength, tenacity, change, and light-heartedness. Created in a difficult historical moment (that of Covid), it invites us to observe the world with confidence and hope, and at the same time it depicts a cute (and even a little funny) animal”. This new project was born out of the creative laboratory of the three partners and does not want to be predictable, but to establish its own identity and precise market positioning. This is where slogans and writings on sneakers also come into play. On the side of the upper one can read “assemble objective things in order to create subjective things”. Why this sentence? “The product, initially in the prototype phase, was assembled by hand, with glue, by cutting, shaping, attaching pieces of iconic models on the market” – continues Giulia – “The sole, designed from scratch, is the union of two soles, cut, assembled, grouted, and milled by us personally by hand before arriving at the actual mould that makes the shoe. Every single detail and particular has been taken care of by hand, something that makes the difference for us”. A completely subjective result, therefore, that translates into clean-lined sneakers, never excessive colours, a lot of use of black and white, brushstrokes off the margins that represent the liberation of positive emotions. And then, in the tread of the sole, the porcupine’s paws, to leave a mark on the world!