Leisurely walks and excursions in the city or in towns, but with the right footwear

Slow or sweet tourism, which combines walks, art, food, and the desire to discover hidden corners of cities or visit often forgotten town: this is what is now called ‘urban trekking’, which was celebrated on the 31st of October with a “national day” in its XVIII edition. 76 municipalities from 17 regions joined the event, conceived for the first time in 2002 by the Municipality of Siena to enhance and spread the green soul of Italian cities. But there is no need for a celebration to (re)discover the pleasure of walking in the great outdoors or in places little frequented by traditional tourism and along routes often characterised by steep slopes or stairways. Even if it is not a real sport, but an activity for everyone, you still need suitable footwear, halfway between high-performance and city shoes, but above all comfortable because the tours can last two or more hours. What you need are urban trekking shoes light and comfortable with sturdy and non-slippery soles. From the more technical ones, like the Rush Trek GTX model by SCARPA, to the street, trekking-inspired ones, here are our unisex or more feminine proposals.