The ‘Sneakers Unboxed: Studio to Street’ exhibition opens on the 18th of May at the Design Museum in London

[On the cover: photo from Design Museum’s website]

What is more universal and popular than a pair of sneakers? They are ungendered shoes, untied to a single season, and cut transversally across all generations. An object of desire for many, a collectible item for a few, and a testing ground for historic brands and fashion designers, the sneaker is consecrated in the ‘Sneakers Unboxed: Studio to Street’ exhibition, which opens on the 18th of May at the Design Museum in London.

Original and high-performance models are exhibited, designed for specific sports activities and accompanied by the most innovative technologies, such as the robot for the ‘Futurecraft.Strung’ concept by Adidas, or by the most advanced materials such as the biological ones developed by the MIT Design Lab and Biorealize for Puma. In the limelight are iconic models born from illustrious collaborations, from Michael Jordan and Run-DMC, to Supreme and Kayne West, or the sustainable shoes of Stella McCartney, Helen Kirkum and Alex Taylor, but also the reinterpretations made by Balenciaga, Comme des Garcons and Y3, to name just a few. The exhibition is a dive into the world of sneakers, divided into the two sections ‘Style’ and ‘Performance’, with over 200 models expressing various influential groups including the West Coasts Skaters, the Casuals, the Grime, and Cape Town’s Bubbleheads.