Modern design and an eye for fashion trends define Exena work shoes.

Proving that safety footwear, worn every day in the work place, can be on trend is Exena, a company based in the Marche region of Italy, founded in 1998 by four entrepreneurs specialising in the safety sector. The brand’s defining feature is its ability to combine research, high quality materials, comfort and refined design to elevate technical footwear – which has always put safety first – to a veritable fashion product.

Designed for both professionals operating in different sectors working directly on the field and technical experts, Exena products enable wearers to move from work to leisure without needing to change shoes. EN ISO certified, the shoes are designed and created to provide protection during use and prevent workplace accidents.

The latest model is the X-Road, a sneaker inspired by racing tyres, characterised by its modern design and bright colours.