Chromatic experiments for Almini’s footwear summer season

Colours are not always the same, they change shade and tone according to the materials they are used on. Indeed, skin lends itself to colour experiments often with surprising results. Almini has made colour the leitmotif of its Spring-Summer 2022 collection: for men, warm and textural effects, enhanced by the manual use of colour, sometimes give the shoe a different type of patina. Added value is given by the processes specific to the Vigevano shoe factory, the apex of which is the ‘Reverse’ method – whereby the upper is sewn to the sole and then turned inside out, making the seams invisible. Earthy tones – ranging from burnt red, to brown, to yellow, to red – colour the various shoes: the ‘Penny’ moccasin in suede, or the ‘Infinito’ model with its “pinched” stitching and the symbol of the triple infinity or, further still, the ‘Jean Paul’ and ‘Attilio’ models, super soft and flexible loafers.