Le Gabrielle, a brand produced in workshops on Lake Como, employs recycled leather and wood

A passion for craftsmanship and local Brianza traditions is behind the design of Le Gabrielle clogs and sandals, produced in workshops on Lake Como, without resorting to industrial machinery. Precisely because they are hand-crafted, each pair is unique – there might be minor noticeable differences even between the right and left shoe, especially if they are hand-painted. Special events and celebrations are great opportunities for the brand to show its creativity and the artisanal craft behind its products. So, for a special Halloween edition of its Morgana model, the brand draws inspiration from the Mexican celebration of La Santa Muerte – a picturesque cult celebrating life, unlike its name suggests, where believers pay their respect to the dead with joy and light-heartedness. Bright colours and meticulous attention to details, different for the right and left shoe, mark all Halloween-themed styles, produced using only recycled leather and wood, as is always the case with Le Gabrielle’s collections.