Heinz Schattner’s book REFLEX explores the world of Italian fashion

[On the cover: credit Photo Heinz Schattner]

The book “REFLEX – Immagini di un viaggio nella Moda Italiana” (REFLEX – Images of a voyage through Italian Fashion) is a collection of photographs taken over the long professional career of German fashion photographer Heinz Schattner, who is in love with his adopted country, Italy. Photographs of shoes, bags, furs, eyeglasses, jewellery and clothing take us on a trip exploring the excellence of Italian fashion as represented by Confindustria Moda, the fashion industry association, which presented the book to the world of politics during an event held in Rome on 17 November focusing on “The Value of the Fashion Industry in the Economy and Culture of Italy”. Heinz Schattner sees fashion as the key to accessing provocative and provocatory contexts and states of mind. His images bring us a world that calls up intense and contradictory sensations, but never leaves the viewer indifferent. In the case of this great artist, photography is a constant work in progress, an ongoing search for new ways of interpreting the beautiful and well-made.