12 new international designers with collections that mix creativity and links to the land, natural and recycled materials. Each with a story to tell

The future of the footwear industry is in the hands of young people: innovation and research are expected from them, but also sensitivity towards the environment. This is the fil rouge that unites the proposals of emerging designers, which Micam, attentive to promoting the new generations, brings to each edition under the spotlight in an area dedicated to them in Hall 1 and after careful selection by a jury of experts. The challenge facing these promising young people revolves around the use of new shapes, materials, details, workmanship. Each collection tells a story, the result of the designer’s life and work experience, an expression of his or her homeland or the country in which they trained, but always conceived and created from the heart. Each of the 12 designers identified the models that best identified their mood.

Antonin Chabanne and Mikael Leo of Belledonne (France)

“We are a trainer brand, born five years ago and produced in Portugal with the intention of reinterpreting some iconic models belonging to the history of this footwear, for example the running shoe of the 1970s or the basketball shoe of the 1980s, using recycled materials. The name is inspired by the mountain range in the French Alps”.

Rous Flores Samon of Bonamasò (Spain)

“The brand was created a few months ago after specialising in Milan and gaining experience in the fashion industry. I wanted to design a trainer with a natural or recycled rubber sole, an upper made from corn scraps, an insole made from seaweed; my hallmark is the zigzag stitching and the magnolia symbol”.

Usman Manzoor of Çaplait (Pakistan)

“The collection revolves around a sandal (caplait is the model’s original name), which belongs to the Pakistani tradition and is mostly worn by men, revisited with an international aesthetic. In this way I wanted to pay homage to my country, but also to local craftsmanship”.

Daniela Uribe of Daniela Uribe (USA)

“My eponymous brand is a mix of my Colombian personality and the years I lived between Paris and London where I graduated from Cordwainers London College of Fashion. My shoes, made in the Marche region of Italy, numbered from 35 to 45, have a strong character with high heels, but with support in the arch of the foot for greater comfort. There are also models with a 6 cm platform.”

Judy Mazzotti of Judy Mazzotti (Italy)

“My name coincides with the brand created in 2022 and produced in Tuscany. It is a mix of innovation in heel design and traditional manufacturing. Heel research starts with titanium, 3D printed and used for the most exclusive and customisable models. The shoe that most represents me is the pink 90 heel pump, because every woman should have one in her wardrobe”.

Andrea and Massimo Minacapilli of Minacapilli (Switzerland)

“It is our second collection, produced in Parabiago, and characterised by a sexy-rock allure, with the décor of crystal-lit masks, the Love lettering and the claim on the insole ‘go high or go home’ inciting one to fly high. The brand was born from our passion for fashion even though we have different backgrounds, Andrea specialising in communication and marketing and I with experience in managing glamorous clubs”.

Damiano Mosca of Mosca Shoes (Argentina)

“This collection is produced by six artisans who work with me in Argentina, my homeland. It revolves around the genderless Texan, revisited in a new-tribal key with python-print leather details. The line also includes sandals with sculptured heels”.

Francesco Pierini of Pierini Calzature (Italy)

“I learnt the trade in the field, making custom-made shoes in a workshop in Florence. In Naples I graduated as a patternmaker and about two years ago I started my own brand, currently for men and produced in Apulia.  Ankle boots with tapered lines and 45 or 65 mm heels and animalier details with an almost feminine touch are the models that most represent me”.

Simone Nunes of Room (Brazil)

“The brand, set up in 2022, is inspired by home and interior design for the sense of the comfort it instils. So the straps of sandals are as soft as cushions and wedges take their cue from sofa feet. I wanted to value craftsmanship and quality”.

Laure Chareton and Camille Cour of Socque (France)

“The collection is produced in Portugal in an atelier that has been working for four generations. The brand’s name means ‘shoe’ in old French and this implies a vintage mood, for example the clog with a buckle reminiscent of a guitar slide, or the penny loafer of tradition, or the slingback in laminated leather”.

Chie Tachino of Tachino Chie (Japan)

“The shoes are handmade in Japan: from the 19th century-inspired, worn-looking ankle boot with side weave to the retro pump with buckle, these are models that express how the beauty of the past can be projected into the future without losing its charm”.

Mathilde Blettery e Simon Nicolas of Ubac (France)

“I thought of eco-friendly trainers in linen, cotton or recycled wool dedicated to both men and women. Certainly, in the creation of the brand, which dates back to 2018, my childhood was influential, having been born in a village in the mountains where nature is omnipresent and respected”.

Photo credits Gabriele Zanon