A genderless shoe, that is ‘Made in Italy’ and nonconformist. Especially for him

“Among the many shoes on the market, the tuxedo sandal was missing, so I invented the men’s high-heeled pump”. This is how Federico Biondini, an entrepreneur from Crema in the real estate sector, explains the birth of the Pasöt brand, a name that in the local dialect means “goofball”, as his mother called him when he used to play pranks as a child. This time around, he decided to create a genderless, timeless, and seasonal shoe, perfect for women and nonconformist for men, which made its debut at Pitti, therefore a single product declined in various materials and colours. However, velvet is the main fabric around which the brand revolves, because “it is opulent, noble, luminous and, just like people, it bears the signs of time and events without losing its original beauty”, Biondini explains. But the collection also includes floral print satin, leather, denim, and technical fabric. The shoe, which is also characterised by a blue leather sole, bleached, and recoloured in the barrel, with a rubber insert, was born after two years of studies on the fit so that it could adapt to both male and female feet: hence the “slim sole” for those who prefer a more enveloping fit and a wider and more comfortable “comfort sole”. The collection is rigorously ‘Made in Italy’ and produced in Tuscany by craftsmen.