Lightweight, foldable footwear for men and women who are always on the go

Ferragamo Nomadic Stories is the name of the footwear capsule dedicated to nomadic travellers who do not want to have to give up bringing their favourite shoes along with them: sandals, moccasins, ballet flats, and slippers can be folded into a special travel bag. The lightness of the materials and the soft constructions of the footwear combine to ensure comfort and well-being for the foot. Among the proposals: a moccasin in soft Nappa with a Gancini buckle and a foldable heel; slippers inspired by outdoor sports, in a Gancini print fabric; ballet flats in soft leather with a Vara bow; and sandals in suede made with San Crispino processing, where the upper is folded internally and hand-sewn directly onto the insole, to ensure extreme flexibility. But there are also open sandals in a stretch mesh fabric, with a velvet inner sole in the same shades and with an elasticated grosgrain hem. The collection relies on photographic shots and a cinematic video that narrate the summer adventure of a group of friends, reflecting the vision of the brand: the desire to explore new destinations with shoes that are sophisticated, but comfortable and enveloping like a second skin.