Lab-go technology tracks product authenticity and enables content and promotions for the consumer

Among the start-ups hosted at Micam in the area called ‘Italian Start Up’, dedicated to new projects for footwear and created in collaboration with Startupbootcamp and with the support of ICE and MAECI, Lab-go is an initiative born with the intention of providing tools to protect the origin and authenticity of products and fight against counterfeiting. In fact, it is not always easy for a consumer to verify the authenticity of a product. And this also applies to footwear. Lab-go has created an anti-counterfeiting, traceability, and engagement system through a unique chromatic QR code, generated by the Lab-go platform and managed by the customer.

To use Lab-go services, the end user will only need the camera on his/her smartphone. After scanning the QR Code applied to the product, the user will immediately receive the certification of authenticity.

The most novel aspect, however, concerns consumer engagement. Indeed, after verifying the authenticity of the product, the end consumer will be able to access exclusive content, instant wins and promotions through customisable ads managed by the Lab-go platform. The company will therefore be able to give its customers a new digital experience by enabling content and promotions reserved for them only, to increase loyalty. It will also be possible to geolocate the scans made via an interactive/responsive world map.

The Lab-go solution can currently be applied on non-woven fabric labels, on adhesive labels with Void (peel-off) covering technology, and with Scratch covering technology (like a lottery “scratch card”).