The story of accessories, monuments and portraits told, without words, in black and white

The pencil is the protagonist of the book, the thread connecting a series of accessories, items of clothing, monuments and portraits whose stories Paola Lomuscio tells and interprets in black and white. “Each stroke of the pencil is simplicity”, she explains, “and simplicity is our passe-partout, like black and white, the colours I prefer to use in my drawings. They blend together to create purity and harmony”. Paola Lomuscio decided to tell her story in two volumes (we are presenting the second), without words, through the pencil, which she calls her best friend, “a friend I’ve known a lifetime”. Born in Bari, but living in Andria, having studied at the Art Institute, it was only through the rigour of self-teaching that she achieved international recognitions. For example, her portrait of David Bowie was shown for two editions (2015/2016 and 2016/2017) of the exhibition/homage “Bowie BlackStardust” held at SpazioCima gallery in Rome; a photographic print of her portrait of Bruce Springsteen is part of the permanent collection entitled “The friends of Bruce Springsteen Special Collection” at Monmouth University in New Jersey; and her portrait of Frank Sinatra was selected for a collective exhibition on the singer at Ateneo Jaque?s in Spain.

The book Io e la mia matita Part 2 (Me and my pencil Part 2), edited by La Ruota Edizioni and part of the Nuvole series, is divided into sections including Fashion, City and Portraits, featuring internationally acclaimed actors, chefs and singers. The drawing on the cover is a pump and the Fashion section contains other models of shoes inspired by brands and designers, the pencil becoming both a tool and decorative element. On the back cover is a portrait of Giorgio Armani, expressing the full intensity black and white can achieve.