The revamped aesthetics of the timeless El Vaquero model

One should not work against one’s DNA. Instead, one should enhance it with new materials and colours. El Vaquero is well aware of this and based its success on its moccasin boot, which was already iconic at the launch of the brand in 1975. The founder and creative director Valerio Giuntoli has condensed ethnic inspiration and craftsmanship – still today the values of the brand – in the construction of this ‘Made in Tuscany’ model, and has enhanced it with garment dyes and washes. A young team, as well as the entry of the brand’s founder’s son Nicholas into the company, paved the way for new manual treatments for leather ageing and new techniques that bring the boot into the contemporary world. Thus, for Spring/Summer 2022 the Arya model returns in the natural tones of volcanic rock, in the dusty and earthy tones of desert landscapes, in python printed leathers and cashmere motifs. The colour palette also includes shades of brown, olive green, light blue, and pale pink, up to optical white. The distinctive features of the boot remain the fringes, buckles, strings, and turquoise stones that have always characterised the model. The collection also includes cowboy boots, sandals, bags, backpacks, and belts, all produced according to the language of El Vaquero.