The essence of “made-in-Italy” captured in 25 words

From the A of authenticity to the Z of zeal, passing through the E of excellence, the H of heritage, the P of passion and a host of other attributes that distinguish ‘Made-in-Italy’ products: each one is summed up in a single word – but all succeed in capturing the essence of a multi-faceted heritage that lies at the heart of companies, supply chains and manufacturing districts in every sector.

At this crucial time for the future of the Italian manufacturing industry, the “Made-in-Italy Is” video – produced by the MM Company – is intended to make us reflect on the meaning of “made in Italy”: a mix of creative, cultural, productive, design and human capital excellence.

We have to ensure that Made-in-Italy enjoys a real, creative Renaissance, at every level, – explains Marco Magalini, co-founder and creative director of the agency. The world’s top luxury brands all choose Italy because of its high-quality materials and manufacturing”.  And they must go on doing so if they want to continue to take advantage of the know-how and expertise of Italy’s manufacturing industries: from fashion to interior design, and from food to numerous other small niche industries engaged in manufacturing a variety of other products.