The winner interpreted the B.Legend shoe with reused materials

The Lotto Sport Award, now in its fourth edition, was born from the partnership between ITS International Talent Support, the platform that gives visibility and supports creativity at an international level, and the Lotto company. The 2022 prize was awarded to the Chinese designer Hin Fung Jesse Lee, while the second and third places went to the British Charlie Constantinou and Edward Mendoza. The three finalists selected for the Lotto Sport Award had the opportunity to propose their personal reinterpretation in a contemporary key of the B.Legend shoe, the iconic shoe worn by Italian basketball champions in the 80s and 90s. The winner was Jesse Lee’s “Think outside of the box and the box” project, which combined creativity, craftsmanship, and zero waste. The theme of reuse was developed by proposing a model of a virtuous circle where the garment, the sneaker, and the packaging – with a creative interchange of materials – are transformed and renewed. Here the footwear becomes an example of upcycling. With this project, Lotto confirms its evolution towards a lifestyle approach that enhances the brand’s heritage, creating fashion and leisure products poised between fashion and sport.