Golden Goose and Coronet together for Yatay, now a co-action platform for sustainable innovation

A new project – launched for Earth Day – naturally concerns sustainable innovation: Golden Goose and Coronet come together to create the Yatay co-action platform, a transformation of the sneaker brand and born from Coronet with a sustainable mission.

This partnership completes the synergy between the top footwear brand Golden Goose and the Coronet company, dedicated to the production of bio-based and recycled materials. The collaboration will allow for continuous testing phases, directly verifying the results on Golden Goose products, collecting consumer feedback, and finally making the innovations available to luxury players. The first result is the genderless Yatay Model 1B sneaker that combines craftsmanship – being produced in Italy – sustainable innovation, and vision. What are the ingredients for this shoe? First of all, it is made of YatayTM B, a bio-based material derived from plant sources not in competition with the food chain, and other low-impact components such as recycled polyester and biodegradable rubber, which allow it to reduce emissions by 90% in terms of CO2 and 65% in terms of water consumption compared to leather.

The lining has a viscose base derived from responsible sources, the laces are made of recycled cotton and polyester, and the biodegradable sole is made by hand engraving each mould, making each piece unique. In addition, stamped white on white, the left tag has a unique code, which is the key to participating in the brand’s sustainable initiatives. In this way, the customer can access a dedicated area to plant a tree, as well as monitor its growth and the amount of CO2 absorbed.

The sneaker is available exclusively on starting from the 22nd of April.