Products and projects to celebrate World Earth Day

If responsible and sustainable behaviour are on the agenda, as well as the choice of eco-friendly garments and accessories, then it is only right that the celebration of the environment and the protection of the planet has its own specific occasion. Earth Day falls on the 22nd of April, as usual, one month and two days after the spring equinox. A planet-wide mobilisation that took shape in 1969 and now involves up to one billion people every year in 192 countries around the world. Today, it has an even deeper meaning, given that the fashion sector – the second most polluting in the world after petrochemicals – has to fight against greenwashing and commit to being more transparent and traceable for the consumer. Therefore, not only organic products, but responsible behaviours leading to true sustainability, involving environmental, social, economic, and process sustainable choices. Thus, it is natural for companies to reaffirm their commitment to this cause on the occasion of World Earth Day with capsule collections and products designed from a green perspective. Here are some initiatives in the footwear sector.

RUN OF’s upcycling

The ‘Made in Italy’ sneaker brand engages in upcycling with ‘Runwastable’: limited edition, bespoke shoes, made with discarded motorcycle jackets and warehouse inventories in line with the circular economy mentality. The customer can choose the jacket from which the leathers will be obtained – for every jacket only two pairs of shoes can be produced – select his/her size and within three weeks s/he will receive the upcycled tailoring sneakers.


Panchic’s motto. Play Pop Planet

The brand presents a collection that is the result of careful research, which has led to the selection of eco-friendly and certified raw materials such as nylon derived from marine plastics, regenerated fabrics, neoprene, and recycled leathers. The company uses its new claim to tell its philosophy: “Play Pop Planet”. The sneakers have soles in natural rubber mixed with recycled wood, and the upper in recycled leather, regenerated denim, or multicoloured terry cloth.

With Scarpa, the ‘Mojito’ is made from recycled denim

The Scarpa company, which specialises in mountain and outdoor footwear, presents the ‘Mojito Planet Denim’ model this year. The shoe uses recycled fabrics from production waste that are regenerated and transformed into new yarns. All using an energy saving technology that involves the processing and finishing procedures to save over 65% of water usage compared to traditional methods. The heart of the product is the eco jeans textile, while the inner lining is made of an eco-stretch fabric with a breathable texture that keeps the foot cool at any temperature. The sole is made of ‘Presa’, a system developed by Scarpa that combines various compounds to make it perform better.



Docksteps renews its collaboration with Save the Planet

Not only a product, but also a civic commitment: on the 22nd of April the employees of the company will work alongside the volunteers of the Save the Planet Association to clean up a green area of the Montegranaro River Park (FM). On the footwear front, the company has launched ‘Green Philosophy’, a sustainable and metal free collection, continuing along the path of a supply chain based on eco-friendly materials and ethical, ecological production practices.

Mais and PET for PàP’

PàP’, a carry over sneaker’s line, is made from a green material, a mix of corn and PET, a non-toxic, resistant, flexible and 100% recycled compound. The product is completed with a cork insole, cotton laces, and a recyclable rubber sole, all rigorously ‘Made in Italy’.


The circular economy according to Diadora

Diadora celebrates the Earth Day with the Mi Basket Row Cut 2030 model, following the circular economy process: the upper is made of a mix of recycled polyester and a vegetal based material, coming from the waste of the wine industry; the inner padding material comes from the waste of the sugar cane.