The initiative targets stores customers

Circular economy and upcycling are processes inspiring the commitment of many fashion brands, in defence of the environment and with attention to sustainability. In light of this, the footwear brand Docksteps, part of the Marche-based Group Zeis Excelsa, pledges to provide each customer who brings a used pair of shoes to the store for recycling with a 15 Euro discount voucher (to be spent on new products). The initiative, in partnership with the company Eso Sport, which enhances waste for circular economy purposes, will be used to make flooring for public playgrounds and athletic tracks. The project aims to reduce the build-up of landfill waste to a minimum and boost the conviction among Docksteps consumers that it is possible to give products a new lease of life, by using them for new ethical initiatives in the country. Following on from two pilot stores in Lecce and Mantua, the aim is to progressively roll out the project to the entire Docksteps network, in line with the brand’s increasingly eco-friendly approach.