3D printed sole and upper made of fine materials for Skeleton models

[On the cover: a Skeleton’s sneaker by Philippe Plein SS2021]

The future is now for the designer Philipp Plein, who on occasion of the digital fashion show in July for spring-summer 2021 personally presented the clothing and accessories collection with a set animated by two robots interacting with products. As someone who has always believed in his dreams as well as in the capacity for renewal and reinvention in difficult times such as these, challenged by the pandemic, without a doubt the new footwear range Skeleton is a mission accomplished. Sneakers from the collection combine a 3D printed sole and fine materials like croc and python, with top, crystal-covered models weighing in at 3,500 euros a pair.

Once solely conceived for the creation of prototypes or at most rarely wearable samples, today additive fabrication is starting to be taken into consideration as an alternative to conventional production for some shoe parts, enabling the production of complex and geometric shapes which would otherwise be difficult to create.

The Skeleton sole is printed in TPU material and it takes eight hours to produce it with a printer. The finished shoe is produced by a company in Puglia. Long finishing times limit the offering for this footwear, available online and with a waiting time spanning from one to two months. There is also the option of creating a bespoke shoe in cooperation with artisans and designers, for a unique and customised model. A dream come true!

Flavia Colli Franzone