Less emissions and more recycled materials with ACBC’s FreeBio technology

[On the cover: The Evergreen sneaker with the use of material derived from apple waste]

Halving its carbon footprint, through the emission of only 7.38 kg of CO2 is the goal set for itself by ACBC, a B Corp company specialising in the design and production of sustainable footwear. From this intent comes the Evergreen model, based on the new FreeBio™ technology, applicable across different areas on the basis of current market demands: luxury fashion, sport and outdoor. Specifically, it is a “responsible” bio-based innovation, consisting of recycled wood pulp, calcium carbonate, polyurethane, and polyester. Evergreen footwear features the application of this technology in the upper, the heel made of bio-based material derived from apple waste, the cork insole, the natural jute laces, and the sole made entirely of recycled rubber.

The finished product has percentage of recycled materials equal to 79% against the remaining 21% of virgin material, confirming an increasingly marked attention to the protection of the planet’s resources.

The Milanese company has also developed the “ACBC method”, based on the analysis, transformation, and creation of products from “traditional” to “responsible” with a lower certified CO2 impact. From 2020 to today, this working methodology has allowed ACBC to sign 38 co-branding and consultancy projects with international brands in the world of fashion (including Missoni, MSGM, Piquadro, and Boggi Milano) and sportswear, impacting approximately 1,000,000 products.

The FreeBio™ material