The Reverse method by Almini models the shoe to the foot and makes it flexible

[On the cover: the Jean Paul model, an extra flexible slipper made using the Reverse Method]

Artisan finishings enrich footwear with added value, making all the difference, despite being invisible. Discrete, concealed, yet appreciated by connoisseurs, such finishings find their maximum expression in men’s footwear. The Reverse Method is one example and is used by the footwear company Almini, based in Vigevano, in its collections. The historic company was established in 1921 by Pietro Almini; today the fourth generation of the Ruggero family is at its helm, dedicated to preserving and passing on its precious know-how, grounded in attention to detail and superlative product quality.   The Reverse Method is a complex process that is rigorously executed by hand, in which the upper is turned inside out, sewn directly onto the sole and then reversed by hand once more, giving the shoe the right shape, as though modelled directly onto the foot. The pinched stitching system enables the creation of customised decoration with absolute precision and perfect symmetry.