Garments, shoes and accessories collected by the stylist Stefano Chiassai

[In cover: Showcase,  TheCube Archive]

15,000 men’s garments and accessories: an archive collected by stylist Stefano Chiassai on his many travels, now coordinated by Corinna Chiassai. The decision to share this heritage in TheCube Archive, which opened its doors in 2020 in San Giovanni Valdarno, is an act of generosity toward the new generations, schools and students, and other creative designers who want to find out more about the past in order to design the future. A dynamic archive in a space measuring more than 500 square metres on two levels. The first level contains the actual archive of garments and accessories, about 200 fabric sample books and vintage magazines, while the upper level is a multi-purpose space offering all the tools required for creative designers not only to conduct research, but hold workshops with their teams. This is a place for new ideas and above all emotions, such as the thrill of outfits discovered in London, Paris and New York, which Stefano and Corinna put together, filter and interpret, using their own creativity and new technologies to offer ever-new inspiration. The same inspiration as we find in their three photo books, Caosordinato, Ritmoemotivo, and Bluetailoring, expressing all the passion and creativity of both authors. The archive is a work in progress, in both physical and digital form. It will be made accessible over the web by the end of 2021. This means anyone anywhere in the world will be able to conduct research in the DigiCube and directly request a rental, then have the garments and accessories shipped to them. But the thrill of visiting the archive in person is truly unique!