Red, orange, yellow, green and blue are the shades to wear when we will be able to go back to the “new” normal

[On cover: Pollini SS2020]

A rainbow, alongside the #andratuttobene (everything will be all right) motto, has become the symbol of hope to overcome the Covid-19 emergency. It started with children, who were invited to draw a rainbow, and from there the initiative went viral, getting town squares, balconies and t-shirts involved with banners and designs.

The colours of the rainbow, which are connected precisely to the concepts of hope and new things on the horizon, will follow us also upon our return to the “new” normal. In fact, this trend was already and unknowingly chosen well before the crisis by clothing and accessories trend-setters for their Spring-Summer collections. Each shade has a meaning and symbolises a person’s mood and temperament.

Treat yourself to a touch of red, a symbol of vital energy, an orange sandal, a symbol of inner harmony, a yellow shoe, a symbol of sunlight and energy, a green slipper, which gives off balance and harmony, a blue pump, which hints at creativity and, finally, a purple high heel, a colour that intensifies the desire that exists in the bond between you and your beloved.