The brand was included in the ADI Design Index 2022 and is a candidate for the 2023 Green Product Awards

[On the cover: RE49 “Urban auto” SS23]

Born in 2021, from Nicola Masolini’s sensitivity for recycling and upcycling, the RE49 brand is making its way and picking up nominations for prestigious awards. Their focus is on sustainability, the mission of the ‘Made in Italy’ brand that produces footwear from recycled materials: fabrics from umbrellas, sails, jeans, and tyres and, for the next 23/24 collection, also scraps of car interiors and unsold scarves, the result of excess production. A supreme example of the circular economy which led to the inclusion of the Stage Boot Spintech model in the ADI Design Index 2002, the pre-selection carried out by the ADI Permanent Observatory for the prestigious Compasso D’Oro (Golden Compass) Award 2024. It is a boot made with from spinnaker (the resistant sails used in boats) with a particular patented crinkled effect and sole made from car tyres. Furthermore, RE49 is nominated for the Green Product Award 2023 in the fashion category. For 10 years, this award has been dedicated to sustainable products, selecting applications from companies and start-ups committed to innovation and environmentally conscious design.