From sandals and high heels with the “moustache” heel, to animal prints on ankle boots and ballerinas

He combines passion for fashion with technical expertise. After studying economics, Damiano Marini attended the shoe designer-maker course at the San Mauro Pascoli’s Cercal. There, he came into contact with the Casadei shoe factory, with which he collaborated. In 2015, he founded his own brand, produced in the Marche region, and since then he has started participating in talent shows and Alta Roma events, where he also met film and show business personalities who appreciate his super feminine and modern style. This is the hallmark of his footwear. He developed it through the “moustache” heel, which gives the impression that the shoes have a double sole. Recently the designer has also introduced “the delta”, a detail that is both valuable and minimal at the same time, that shifts attention from the heel to the tip of the shoe.

The autumn-winter 2020/21 collection ranges from sandals to high heels, from ballerina flats to ankle boots with stretchy Napa leather bootlegs. The stars of the show are the materials, which alternate chamois with velvets, calfskin in soft or gritty shades, with animal prints with references to the coats of zebras, leopards and pythons. The combination of design, quality of materials and workmanship is the most obvious expression of Italian flair and craftsmanship.