Padded boots and soles with good grip: dressing children for winter

[On the cover: photo by prostooleh –]

After a boiling hot summer of temperatures reaching almost 48 degrees in southern Italy, the weather is cooling off and winter is on its way. Children love to spend winter weekends in the mountains, wrapped up in warm jackets made of high-tech materials to protect against the cold. But their feet need to be kept warm too, and the right shoes are important for winter, on the city streets or in the mountain snow.

While work boots, biker boots and combat boots are perfect for life in the city, when the temperature drops in the mountains you really need boots or ankle boots with padded or quilted uppers or woolly trim. But what really makes the difference in footwear for winter is the sole: a robust, solid, non-slip lug sole with sufficient grip. Here are some of our favourites for little girls and boys in cold weather.

Leather and quilted nylon bootie by Bikkembergs



Padded nylon boots by Tommy Hilfiger to ward off the cold



The romantic touch of a lace-up bootie in two shades of velvet, by Andrea Montelpare



Walkey’s ankle boot for children has a solid rubber sole



Morelli’s zip-up beatle boots with lug soles



Montelpare’s Tradition slip-ons feature warm woolly trim and box soles