Chunky yet extra-light soles for this summer’s sandals

[On the cover: Stella McCartney and Alberta Ferretti SS23 fashion shows]

Sandals are a must, both on city streets and at the seaside. Flat, but not totally flat since they are supported by a level platform sole [aka flatform sandals]. For a few seasons now, fashion has been favouring solid, accentuated soles, rounded anatomically shaped footbeds supporting uppers with criss-crossed straps, Velcro-fastened straps, ankle straps, and ribbons that wrap around the foot. A chunky look thanks to the maxi-volumes of the sole, and yet the result is the epitome of lightness thanks to the extra-light materials used on the soles. Comfort is a must in summer, enhanced by the construction of simple and often essential models with either unfussy minimalist uppers or ones with more elaborate detailing. Colours range from rock black to pastels and neutrals, easily matched to summer outfits in bright shades.