Cords and scarves to customise sandals and ballet flats: this is how Stringart was born

The name of the brand itself is a declaration of intent: string should become a decorative motif and leave room for personal inspiration to accessorise footwear. The project was founded by Chiara Frigo – a performing artist – who started with a vegetable tanned leather sole – a leather that absorbs traces of experience, and ages without deteriorating – and proceeded to accessorize it with coloured strings and scarves that everyone can choose according to one’s taste. An example of product customisation and sustainability for the use of natural materials and for the concept of modularity that offers a pair of soles and many creative possibilities. The brand was born in 2011 as a summer product and later developed a winter version as well. For Autumn/Winter 22/23, the collection offers velvet ballet flats with ‘refills’ – as the designer likes to call them – of ribbons and cords, wedge sandals, and moccasins to be completed with socks. Stringart, a female entrepreneurship project, supports Treedom, the online platform for planting trees remotely.