Not everyone’s cup of tea when it comes to clothing, for this spring-summer season it features in outfits from head to toe

[On the cover: Fashion shows by Iceberg and Dior (credit Jackie Nickerson), Giuseppe Zanotti and Yatay’ shoes s/s 2021]

Yellow like gold, lemon, ochre, mustard: soft or bright, in its positive meaning it expresses vitality and creativity precisely because of its link with the sun, a source of vital energy and heat. Yellow is also a spiritual colour that is linked to the third chakra which is associated with self-esteem and self-confidence. So, let’s welcome this shade into our wardrobes, which has been all the rage on the catwalks, especially for women, for this spring-summer season.

If some colours are ‘baptised’ by a designer who has made it his/her own in their collections, so much so as to become a brand-identifier in some cases (Valentino red, Schiaparelli pink, Hermès orange, Carven green, Lanvin blue), for yellow there is no specific link with a brand. Although it is true that Versace, from the logo to the garments, has often coloured its women’s and men’s proposals in yellow.

For women’s shoes, all shades of yellow colour day and night models from more sporty looks, up to classic satin sandals, and velvet slippers. While for men, the colour is used mostly on sneakers, making them a passe-partout to move from daywear to nightwear.