The product is inspired by the imprint of the foot and by the customisation of leathers and details

Valentina Poltronieri, a clothing and accessories designer who founded her own brand in 2017, believes in the added value of ‘Made in Italy’ and made-to-measure footwear, the one that is handcrafted in the studio. For this reason, she created a capsule collection for autumn/winter 22/23 with a series of sneaker models, available through her customisation service. In the designer’s creative headquarters in Treviglio, the imprint of customers’ feet are taken to detect any defects and problems and to realise the construction of a shoe that fits perfectly. “The imprint is still taken artisanally” – explains Valentina – “using a box containing a sort of foam. The client gently places both feet in it, presses for a few seconds and the perfect conformation of the foot is obtained”.

A triumph of comfort and quality, thanks to deer and calfskin leathers and very careful workmanship. You can also choose to customise the model with glitter patterns, coloured eyelets, iron-on labels, stars, and colour combinations. These details follow the mood and leitmotif of the main collection that, ideationally, made a stop in New York, taking inspiration from the American city with its colour block moments and glitter details.

The made-to-measure shoes are delivered in about three weeks and halfway through the journey the customer is contacted to try the shoe out, before the shoe is completed. You can’t get more tailored than that!