Twelve emerging designers present their new collections for s/s 2023 at Micam Milano

The area dedicated to the new generation of designers returns to Micam Milano: 12 brands that have as their common denominator the research of materials and shapes and that share a sensitivity and attention to the planet through green proposals.

Scylia Chevaux – her brand is called 10.2 – has worked as a consultant for several brands, including Louis Vuitton, and at Micam she presents her project, Black Paris. Mario Pini created AHDIID taking his cue from the phrase “I did” with a reinforcing “h” to indicate a look without a precise identity. Sergio Silva, creator of Éhonté, exhibits his line, Dark Geometric, inspired by the Bauhaus, where form follows function and the models are made with high sustainable standard leathers. Felipe Fiallo expresses his own digital culture with his namesake brand and, in 2022, he created the first collection of NFT sneakers in the metaverse, called “The Future Today”.

United in life and work, the designers Dong Seon Lee and Giuliana Borzillo founded the ID-EIGHT brand based on the concept of recovery: apple peels, pineapple leaves, recycled cotton, and polyester are the materials that characterise their footwear. The Salone Monet models, created by the designer of the same name, present the “nude” colour in the variations of skin tones, and are loved by celebs such as Beyonce, Keke Palmer, and others. Juan Giménez launched the Selva brand after working in Spain, Canada, and studying in Milan at a shoe school. “Eco Eco” is the mood of Akudo Iheakanwa’s collection that produces its Shekudo brand in Lagos in Nigeria using local artisans and raw materials.

Elodie Verdan moved from knitwear to footwear, her great passion, and founded the Shoe Shoe brand that mixes design, comfort, quality, and price. The payoff of Sophie Pantet’s collection is a declaration of intent, “Stiletto My Love”, that the designer has chosen for her brand Sophie Benel Paris, produced in Italy and boldly feminine. The Neapolitan Manuela Esposito with Sucette enters the world of footwear with her first collection that has its roots in freedom and inclusion. Victoria André of London with the Vandrelaar line has developed a series of women’s shoes that combine 3D design with artisanal techniques using recycled and green materials.