The ‘Made in Italy’ brand that combines functionality and creativity

Digressions on the boot: this is the spark that prompted the designer Tatiana Suei to create her own brand, now entering its fourth season. But this was just a starting point that led her to digress into other models and re-edit new ones, working with shapes and materials. All models have a ‘comfy’ component that puts together unconventional, often daring, lines and heels. An example is the “skull” heel, designed to allude to the work of sculptor Stefano Bombardieri: for a designer, fashion and art stem from the same creative process and share the same attention to detail. Produced in the Le Marche region, the brand is an expression of the Italian footwear tradition, though reinvented by Tatiana’s creativity. In the collection for Autumn-Winter 22/23 the brand introduces both squared and rounded shapes, uppers with 3D-printed patterns, patchworks with soft effects, fake fur linings, colour blocks and colour combinations dominated by the colour orange. Grey, white, and orange also harmonise with more muted shades such as clay and khaki.