Progress by Stonefly, footwear design that combines comfort, fashion and technology.

Footwear design is often a work in progress. Each season the design is fine-tuned and adapted to the consumer’s needs, but without losing sight of its identity.

This is the case of Stonefly, which has developed the Second Skin system for next Autumn/Winter 2017/18. The company’s president, Andrea Tomat, spoke to italianshoes about it.

The Second Skin system makes shoes comfortable, soft and lightweight, just like a second skin

Can you describe the profile of the Stonefly brand?

Shoes with comfort in their DNA, but which are continuously evolving in terms of technology and aesthetics. This blend of well-being and style distinguishes next winter’s collection thanks to the introduction of the Second Skin system, which guarantees softness by distributing the pressure points when you walk. As a result, your shoes are comfortable, soft and lightweight, just like a second skin.

What aspects does the research focus on?

Shoe production techniques, materials and the design, which has to help care for feet and keep them comfortable.

So comfort and fashion can go hand in hand?

Absolutely. I think we’re done with fretting over the idea that comfortable shoes can’t be trendy. And especially that they can’t have a heel. Our collection features mid-heel ankle boots, chunky soled loafers, and simple, sophisticated sneakers, but with modern details.

 Can men count on comfort too?

Of course. We’ve introduced Blusoft Memory technology, with a removable breathable, shock absorbing insole. Again we see softness going hand in hand with a lightweight design in updated styles that are now fashionable, too.

Where can we find your shoes?

In our single-brand stores and in multi-brand stores that know how to showcase and highlight the quality of products such as Stonefly shoes, which need to be explained to the consumer in order to be appreciated.