The 12 emerging designers who presented their fall/winter 2020/21 collections talk about sustainability and research and pick their favourite styles.

Once a year, Micam offers 12 stylists from all over the world an opportunity to present their designs to buyers and the press in a fashion show and a special area set aside in the trade show.

Every collection includes a style that ideally represents the mood and personality of its designer: here are the designers’ choices.

Timothée Paris – Masamitsu Hata e Pierre Rivière

“Our brand started out with loafers, combining classic style with comfort, and expanded into sneakers. A red sneaker with clean lines that go beyond fashion is the ideal shoe to represent the collection”.

Maiorano – Matteo Maiorano

“I seek a balance between shoe and sculpture, summed up in this boot, formed of a white calfskin shoe and a stretch stocking resting on a 3 cm gilded heel”.


WXY – Joi Weng

“My work is based on the concept of ‘respect for life’, reflected in conscientious use of materials, which are never wasted, but reused. The heel, which can be covered, is the focal point of my shoes”.

Les Jeux du Marquis – Emanuele Coppari

“The concept behind my shoes is modularity. The look can be altered with interchangeable accessories: a rose, a pompom, a whip, a mask or a chain, which can also become a bracelet”.

Yatay – Umberto De Marco

“The brand revolves around sustainability, as 80% of the materials we use in our shoes are biodegradable, made from maize and grains. The sneaker is the perfect synthesis of our philosophy: when you buy one, a tree is planted, geolocalised with the number impressed on the heel of the shoe”.

DOTZ – Rodrigo Doxandabarat

“Everything revolves around a single unisex style, a moccasin, made with Brazilian organic cotton, providing jobs for the people of the favelas; the tassels and labels are made from recycled production residues”.

Alohas  – Inés Martin-Borregon

“We started out with a summer sandal, and have now added various styles of ankle boot, such as this boot with a square toe in an urban mood”.

Pijak Bumi – Asfales Rowland

“My motto is ‘save fashion, save the world’. We design unique sneakers hand-painted in Indonesia, as well as other styles made of natural fabrics with coconut fibre trim”.

A by Anabelle – Anabelle Tsitsin

“My distinctive designs are the ‘Paris upper’, now available with rhinestones, paying homage to the Eiffel Tower, and the A-shaped heel representing my logo. In this collection I also use feathers, bows and embellishments of swarovski crystal”.

Déplacé – Marco Contigiani, Aldo e Leonardo D’Autilio

“Our shoes are influenced by music, architecture and tattoos. Our latest sneaker is an expression of design and functionality, underlined by the drawstring, an accessory that is both beautiful and functional”.

Contre-Allée – Marouane Haial

“The fil rouge in the collection is raffia, from a type of palm tree that grows in Madagascar, with which Moroccan craftspeople make classic styles by hand, such as our double-buckled moccasin , loafer and slipper”.

Dyan – Diana Polgar

“I love to play around with symmetry and asymmetry, combining geometric shapes and cuts. My sneakers and ankle boots have a contemporary look with a minimalist allure”.