Outdoors (and socially distancing), every sport has its footwear

Sport knows no season, sex or age. There are, however, sports that are more tempting to practise during the summer months, in the open air, maybe even on holiday, far from the stress of work. Especially this summer – far from normal with the pandemic obliging us to keep a distance – outdoor sports immersed in nature will be the option of choice for many. For enthusiasts or competitive players, each sport requires the right footwear, shoes that perform well, that combine technical elements, comfort and – why not? – fashion, which is guaranteed by made in Italy. While many sports disciplines are overseen by big international players, there are, however, Italian brands, sometimes niche, which are defined by their attention to detail and impeccable construction, elements that absolutely make the difference.

Breathable materials, high-performing soles for better grip and memory foam insoles for superb cushioning offer added value, making the shoes more comfortable. For golf, tennis, running and trekking, here are some of the outdoor sports models you can choose from.

The tricolour derby shoe by Dario Zanco Milano with Vibram sole that during the swing returns the kinetic energy to the body

For biking: the G-Hurricane model by Gaerne with lasercut microfiber upper, mesh details, breathable insole, and carbon sole


For running: the Elite shoe by Diadora  with Blueshield technology with cushioning effect, inspired by a model dating bach to the ‘90s

For tennis: the  Lotto Mirage model both for men and women


For trekking: the Dolomite shoe with Michelin sole and Goretex lining

For speed hiking: the Garmont footwear with Michelin sole, mesh upper, Goretex lining and Pu fussbett




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Running_photo by Andrea Piacquadio da Pexels

Tennis_photo by Freepik