The capsule collection designed by Paula Cademartori for Scarosso

[On the cover: Photo Credits by Lucas Possiede]

The Italian brand Scarosso, based in the Marche region, and the designer Paula Cademartori, share their taste for beauty and well-made footwear in the Spicy Ballet collection, the first ever dedicated to the Scarosso woman. The mood of these shoes is palpable in the name: feminine, but with a ‘piquant’ touch, for a single-product rolled out in different nuances and materials and above all, contemporary in its concept. The designer has brought to life a versatile collection that is grounded in the concept of cross-seasonality, suitable for wear in the winter, summer, day and evening, while also being cross-age, suitable for all ages and personalities. Models with cut-outs are designed down to the finest of details, not least in terms of functionality: the wave patterns serve a decorative function while also ensuring controlled fit and a flattering tip. The capsule is on sale on the website and prices range from 250 to 350 euros for more elaborate models.