2Star and Alessandra Grillo together for a special edition

[On the cover: Alessandra Grillo for the 2Star’s capsule]

Not only total white. From now on, 2Star sneakers can be customised thanks to the “Color & Creative Kit” which includes interchangeable, velcro-backed stars in denim or red fabric, bandana print laces, coloured beads and leather dye marker pens.

The idea is the result of collaboration between the Puglia-based company Mofra, which created the 2Star brand in 2009, and Alessandra Grillo, a trend-setter and event-planner with 3000 followers. Both share a passion for imaginative design and ‘Made in Italy’ – Italian craftsmanship that in the field of footwear manufacturing is synonymous with quality. The sneakers come together with a box/case containing the kit and an organic cotton shoe bag. Inside the shoe label, the influencer encourages the new owner to unleash their creativity: “One step at the time. If you can’t find the way, make your own”