Street culture’s best friends, sneakers have even managed to seduce Made in Italy. Summer 2020 is a split between chunky and retro models.

[On cover: Prada and Iceberg s/s 2020]

Even though the spotlight of spring/summer 2020 isn’t always fixed on sneakers, they are an item that doesn’t seem to be leaving millennials’, or anybody else’s, wardrobes. In fact, Made in Italy sneakers – with their mix of fashion and design allure, high quality materials and precise construction – are continuing to attract more and more consumers, who pair them with higher performing models from specialist brands in their day-to-day lives.
Chunky yet ultra-lightweight footwear is a must-have, and simple tennis shoes, straddling fashion and vintage with a slightly retro edge, continue to feature in collections.

Men’s: pop evolution

Sneakers with innovative colour and material combinations and shapes inspired by the world of running. Rubber box or runner soles define models with a retro feel and a contemporary look.




Women’s: chunky is better

Women – and influencers – are particularly fond of sneakers that look huge, but that are in fact lightweight thanks to the frequent use of materials like EVA foam for the oversized and shaped soles. Balenciaga opened the floodgates for these 90s’ inspired models a couple of seasons ago, and the trend has been unstoppable ever since.