Spotlight on Italian shoemakers’ master craftsmanship and taste, launching a social message with Elina Chauvet’s installation

[On the cover: Stella Maxwell wearing Jimmy Choo Azia Sandals]

The magic of the red carpet is renewed every year at the Venice Film Festival, with a succession of designer gowns, priceless jewels and stylish accessories, including the shoes glimpsed through long slits or under ethereal clouds of tulle. The 2022 Festival is thronging with celebs and influencers wearing sandals and pumps made by the Italian brands so frequently seen in the lagoon city. But it’s not just the magical red carpet that inspires the actresses – and their stylists –  to choose shoes by the best Italian shoemakers; iconic styles have been seen on the feet of stars getting off the boat at the Lido or attending one of the countless parties held during the film festival. From René Caovilla, perfectly at home with his profoundly Venetian identity, to Jimmy Choo and Giuseppe Zanotti, veterans of the red carpet, and Santoni’s ultra-feminine interpretation of men’s footwear styles.

But above all, the shoes at this year’s festival launch a message that goes beyond fashion to remind us of a social problem that remains to be resolved: violence against women. On the occasion of the screening of Carlos Eichelmann Kaiser’s film Red Shoes, Mexican artist and activist Elina Chauvet’s installation featuring red shoes was repeated, ideally anticipating 25 November, the international day for the elimination of violence against women.

In the limelight

Besieged by photographers and the curious, the red carpet always offers glimpses of glamour and underlines the stylists’ commitment to giving concrete form to dreams and trends. Glittery dresses deserve shoes with a little sparkle, too: a little detail, a metallic shine or strap adds shine to sandals and pumps with stiletto heels. Platform soles, as popular with the stars as with women in general, offer another way to raise the feet above the ground.


Sophisticated everyday looks

Not just gowns to wear on the red carpet, but outfits for the arrival at the lagoon city, accompanied by accessories for everyday wear. And by more comfortable shoes! Sandals and pumps are popular here to, as well as boots for a sportier look.